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The Key To DigiSparc Success
More Conversions Pay Per Click


Keyword Research

Ensure you use the best tools for keyword research for product or services that ad campaign is being set. Start with Google Keyword Planner

Be Sure Mobile

Mobile users are popular buyers these days so optimize your ads for mobile specific call to actions. Ensure your website is mobile responsive too.

Add Negative Keywords

Important to keep close watch on negative keyword that might drain your fun for the campaign. Add negative keyword list on daily basis


Make sure you are linking Ad campaigns to Analytics and create list of website visitors this will give you another chance of showing your ads to customers


Get On Target

Know your audience segment and create targeted ads for each persona. Utilize target and location settings to minimize ad spend.

Ad Extensions

One of most forgotten hero of Ad campaigns are Ad Extensions if you have not utilized your extensions then you have not learnt Ad market

The Role We Cover Using PPC Advertising

Increasing Sales
Generating Leads
Promoting Brand
Target Customers
Google Ads

Campaigns on Google, Search patner sites and Display Network sites - 3.5 billion searches each day.

bing ads
Microsoft Advertising

Searchers on the Bing Network with 137 million unique desktop searchers

Keyword Research

Master the keyword elements of PPC for more traffic, leads and revenue