Real Time Secure

Bot Management Platform - Real Time Secure

Real Time Bot management enables you to filter which bots are allowed to access your website content or which should not, you have a choice of allowing useful bots, such as Google crawlers, while blocking malicious or unwanted bots, such as those used for cyberattacks. Real Time Secure with behavioural machine learning we deploy a fast and accurate bot management solution without complex configuration. We take care of Websites, Mobile Apps, and eCommerce portals on any technical platform.

Protect your apps and APIs from bad bots and malicious automation while maintaining your regular traffic flow to the website that do not interfere in your daily business. 


Application Protection

Protects applications from DDoS- Distributed Denial-of- Service attacks an malicious attempt to disrupt the normal traffic.

Bot Management Platform

Content Scraping

Blocking the attempts of bots traying to access your website for the crucial content regardless of the website owner wishes.


Ad Fraud Clicks

Prevent Click Frauds on all campaign channels gain valuable insights and power your campaign in right direction to gain right customers.

Quick Integration

Integration with Real Time Secure Platform is done remotely in few minutes, Once integrated we can start monitoring traffic live

Quick Response

Mitigation of any malicious bots will happen in seconds in real environment

Real Time Monitoring

Detection, Investigation and Protection are 3 dimensional model in real time environment

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